CPR Classes in Dayton Ohio

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation otherwise known as CPR is a procedure that keeps the blood flowing and the heart pumping until medical care arrives. It is taught in CPR classes which you can learn in any school offering it around your area. If a person is no longer breathing after a sudden cardiac arrest, CPR can restore the circulation of oxygen-rich blood to the brain. CPR is a combination of breathing and chest compression. This skill along with other lifesaving techniques is taught when you take CPR classes in Dayton Ohio. CPR can be used in different emergency situations including sudden cardiac arrest, drowning, suffocation, poisoning, sudden infant death syndrome, and a lot more.

Taking CPR classes in Dayton Ohio will teach you substantive knowledge to administer CPR effectively. Not only that, you will also get the chance to learn first aid and other lifesaving concepts that will be handy in multitudes of situations. In Dayton Ohio, chronic diseases top the list of causes of deaths among its citizens. The number one killer is heart diseases where sudden cardiac arrest is listed. Since accidents and emergency situations can occur without warning, CPR can be beneficial during such situations. You will be able to save a person’s life by effectively performing CPR while waiting for a medical team to arrive.

Reading about CPR and other lifesaving concepts can give you a lot of information. However, to attend CPR classes in Dayton Ohio will get you trained and equip with skills taught by professionals to effectively administer CPR. According to statistics, sudden cardiac arrest is becoming one of the major causes of death among Americans. It has also been found out that 95 percent of those who have suffered a sudden cardiac arrest die before even reaching the hospital.

Studies show that if bystanders are able to administer CPR to cardiac arrest victims, chances of survival are increased from 7 to 10 percent. If you have attended CPR classes in Dayton Ohio and is on the street when an accident happened, you can effectively administer CPR that can lead to increased chances of survival by the victim until medical care arrives.