Free CPR Classes in Georgia

Accidents are inevitable in every person’s life. You will never know when an accident will happen or how it is going to happen. The moment it strikes, it will strike without warning. If you have undergone free CPR classes in Georgia, you will have the cognitive skills of recognizing an emergency before it can even happen. The moment it happens, you will also know how to respond and what to do to revive a victim. This will lengthen the person’s chances of survival while waiting for the arrival of the emergency medical team.

There are a lot of institutions giving free CPR classes in Georgia. These institutions include hospitals, Health and Fire Departments, non-government units and volunteering agencies. You will be able to find classes offered for free under seminars and hands-on skill demonstration. Even OSHA kits are given after the seminar for free to be used at home. You can also impart the skills you acquired to the members of your family since most accidents occur at home. 70 percent cases of choking, sudden infant death syndrome, allergic reactions, suffocation and even sudden cardiac arrest occur at home.

Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation is a procedure performed to buy extra time for the cardiac arrest victim. Once a person encounters a sudden cardiac arrest, he or she has about 4 to 6 minutes to survive before the brain dries up causing damage and even death. By performing CPR, you will be able to add extra time to the victim while waiting for the emergency response team to arrive. CPR allows the oxygen to artificially circulate oxygen to the brain and to other parts of the body. However, CPR should be administered correctly. You will be able to do this if you have availed the free CPR classes in Georgia offered by the local government units or volunteering agencies.

Volunteering agencies such as the American Heart Association and the American Red Cross in your area offers free CPR classes in Georgia. This is done to disseminate information to the public about accident and emergency awareness. Seminars are scheduled to visit your area and the moment it does, you have to grab the opportunity and set aside some time to attend. Trainings for CPR will be an advantage on your part since you may never know when an emergency would strike.