Free CPR Classes in NJ

Cardiovascular diseases are becoming the number one cause of death among Americans. According to studies, 95% of Americans attacked by sudden cardiac arrest die before even reaching a hospital. However, people neglect the need for CPR training, believing that it cannot happen to them. But you must remember that accidents are a part of being human, making it inevitable. An accident or an emergency situation can strike anywhere at any time without forewarning. It is better that you equip yourself with basic lifesaving skills to be ready in case of an unexpected event. Local Government Units in New Jersey are offering free CPR classes in NJ. You can inquire at your local health department and sign up for training programs available.

The American Red Cross Chapter in your area also conducts seminars and free CPR classes in NJ. Although it does not take long like a formal course taken on CPR, it will still get you informed in recognizing an impending emergency situation. It will also instruct you on what to do and how to effectively respond during events where CPR is needed. You will be able to share the knowledge you have acquired with your family members so they too can be ready in case an emergency strikes. After the seminar, you will be given a starter first aid kit which you can bring home for family use.

You can also find free CPR classes in NJ online. Although it will not give you any certificate of competency, you will still learn a lot of lifesaving techniques and medical concepts that are helpful in getting prepared for the unexpected. You will be given the chance to watch instructional videos which you can repeat for as long as you want. The moment you have mastered the right way of performing the CPR as instructed, you can move on to the next video for other instructions.

Taking free CPR classes in NJ does not give you a certification or a CPR certified card. You will have to take formal classes if you have the intention of being CPR certified. Nevertheless, it will give you instructions on how to respond to an emergency and how to recognize one from the start. As the rapid increase of cardiovascular diseases become the leading cause of death among Americans, it is wise to grab CPR training and get yourself equipped with the right knowledge and substantive skills.