Save Life by Taking Free CPR Certification in Los Angeles

Learning CPR is easy but unfortunately around 70% of Americans do not have the knowledge to deal with cardiac attacks. You can never tell that in the future, the life you save maybe the life of someone you love. The statistics of cardiac arrest is so alarming that many countries today encourage their citizens to take the training. Metropolitan cities are taking the lead. Take free CPR certification in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles is probably one of the cities which maintains so many cardiac-pulmonary resuscitation trainings. You can look at the yellow pages and they are appearing everywhere. They are offering either free or paid classes. Some are offering free training and ultimately CPR certification in Los Angeles such as this group:

The American Red Cross offers free CPR programs that are designed to give you the confidence to handle an emergency situation with the proper skills that can save a life. And you will be given free CPR certification in Los Angeles.

  • American Red Cross in La – – 501 Shatto Place #100, Los Angeles – (213) 351-6765
  • American Red Cross-Greater – – 2227 South Atlantic Boulevard, Commerce – (323) 780-7660
  • American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles – – 11355 Ohio Avenue, Los Angeles – (310) 445-9900

American Heart Association maintains a free CPR certification in Los Angeles that includes training programs. A certification is valid for two years.

  • 816 South Figueroa Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90017-2516, United States
    (213) 580-1408

LifeSaver Team is a leading provider which is now offering Free CPR classes to the public. Classes are held in Canoga Park every Saturday at 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Almost all local hospitals conduct free CPR training as part of their parenting classes. These are organized by their health professionals. Give your local hospitals a call and ask for their next training schedule.