The Importance of Taking Free Infant CPR Classes

If you’ve just brought home your new baby and it worries you on how to be a responsible parent, then it could help a great deal if you would try to learn and attend free infant CPR classes. You can find such classes to be offered by the known lifesaving institutions in the country like the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association. They offer a variety of CPR classes for various levels in relation to the age whether it is for adults, kids, or infants. It is important that you attend the right class meant for you to know how to handle infants.

When you search the Net today, you are sure to stumble upon lots of other potential providers of free infant CPR classes. Some of them that serve as good examples in your results list include the Baby Center, BlogHer, Brooklyn Hospital, First Aid CPR Online, American CPR Training and a lot more. It is essential that you try to get in touch with these providers and ask for their schedules of these classes.

You can also try researching for possible free infant CPR classes in your local government offices like the community fire department or the official health department of the state you are staying in. You can be sure that these reliable organizations offer free classes every once in a while as one form of their charitable projects. Such classes are also great to be taken and studied not only by new parents but also for those individuals whose professions require taking care of infants.

You should also take it into consideration that even if what you will attend are free infant CPR classes, it should be handled by an instructor who is certified. If the class will not hand you a certificate by the end of the training, then it will defeat your purpose of being certified even if you are not after the certificate itself. By learning such a lifesaving skill, you will not just get to save your own baby’s life during times of emergency but also of others who you do not even know.

  • American CPR Training, 565 Westlake St. Bldg 100, Encinitas, CA, 760 944 1048
  • The Brooklyn Hospital Center, 121 Dekalb Ave., 718 250 8528