Where to Get CPR Classes in Raleigh NC

There are 325,000 victims of sudden cardiac arrest per year. It is estimated that ninety five percent of SCA victims will die before they reach the hospital. It is with these facts that knowledge of CPR becomes so important. You can save people with effective CPR (and AED) training; so why not look for a training provider that is supremely excellent at what they do. For CPR classes in Raleigh NC one need not look further than the American Red Cross’ Triangle Area chapter. Serving from Raleigh to Smithfield to Sanford, there is no other CPR course that is trusted all over the country.

The American Red Cross has been giving health aid all over the country for several decades now. Each of their courses is taught by professionals of different rescue related fields—fire fighters, nurses, EMT’s, police officers, healthcare providers and the like. For CPR classes in Raleigh NC, these experts will be teaching you the skills you need to have in order to respond well to emergency situations. The Red Cross is all about teaching people how to be ready in case of an emergency and what you need to do in case of it.

There are several different classes you may take aside from CPR classes in Raleigh NC. They range from CPR and AED, lifeguarding and babysitting, and emergency preparedness and care giving. Classes may be as long as nine hours or as short as four. Depending on which variation of CPR curriculum you are to take as they have adult, child and infant, or a combination of all three. The fee for each class is, of course, also different but rest assured that every penny will be worth it. They also have a leadership course, if you are interested in volunteering. Volunteers are the lifeblood, the backbone of the Red Cross organization, by and large.

For CPR classes in Raleigh NC, there are also three modes of learning that you can take depending on which method you learn best. They have the traditional, hands on, classroom training. They have online self study (which may require a bit of download material). And you can also schedule private group trainings for schools, offices, or neighbourhood functions.